Finding the right flight

Flights to Orlando can be very expensive but can also be very cheap. In the past couple of years we have traveled on a couple of occasions for under £200 return. These flights are not in the middle of summer but there are always reasonable flights if you know where to look.

SkyScanner is the place to start, find the cheapest flight then book your time off around that. Saturday to Saturday will always be the most expensive option. Thomson does a great service to Sanford on the new 787 Dreamliner.

Consider flying in the spring or autumn, summer temperatures in Florida can be savage and temperatures in Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov can still get into the 80s (26C), this is our favourite time to visit.

Look at flying via Atlanta or Philadelphia, the turn around is quick and it can save hundreds. (We really like the Delta service via Atlanta). Avoid Philadelphia in the winter months as it gets snowed in on occasion.